Resources for reporting and evaluating

The Resources for piloting are designed to support teachers and educators when planning, implementing and evaluating AutoSTEM workshops and activities with children. These workshops with children can be done by teachers and educators or by project partners.

These resources should be used in association with the Stet by Step Guide for Teachers and the construction instructions and pedagogical guidelines. They can be modified as you need for your circumstances.

You can download them as a single document (You can download the document with all the resources here), sections or as individual documents, as you require. The links are next to the document.
There are 4 sections:
1. Scheduling and planning a workshop for children
2. Evaluating a children’s workshop
3. Reporting a workshop
4. Certificate of participation

Scheduling and planning a workshop for children (Whole section – Pdf EN PT)

We have prepared a number of documents that you can use to help you  schedule and plan a workshop with children. These are:
1. Planning a workshop with children – Pdf EN PT
(This includes a date, place, participants, learning goals, resources required, methods and activities, evaluation)
2. Parental permission form – Pdf EN PT
3. Attendance sheet – Pdf EN PT
4. Log book for children – Pdf EN PT
(For children to write their ideas while participating in a workshop)

Evaluating a children’s workshop (Whole section – Pdf)

The workshop can be evaluated following the training evaluation model of D. Kirkpatrick. The first two levels in the model – ReactionLearning can be used. To analyse these levels, questionnaires have been prepared taking in to account the children’s ages.
1. Pre questionnaire 4-5 years old – Pdf EN
2. Pre questionnaire 6-7 years old – Pdf EN PT
3. Pre Interview guide – Pdf EN
4. Observation guide – Pdf EN PT
5. Post questionnaire 4-5 years old – Pdf EN PT
6. Post questionnaire 6 -7 years old – Pdf EN PT
7. Post Interview guide – Pdf
8. Questionnaire for parents – Pdf EN PT
9. Piloting survey for teachers – Pdf EN PT

Reporting a workshop

Reporting template – Pdf EN PT

Certificate of participation

Certificate of participation – Pdf EN PT