Session 2 – Autonomous construction

Now it is time to choose your own automata! In this Session, you will be asked to work autonomously. Follow the instruction documents published on the page ‘AutoSTEM automata’ of Module 1 and the video tutorials and try to make your automata autonomously.


STEP 1– Choose one (or more) automata from the list based on the target group’s age and the STEM learning objective that the automata can be used for.


Building brings ideas!

Reflecting on the pedagogic value

Before moving on to Module 3 , which focuses on the pedagogical processes used in the AutoSTEM project, we invite you to reflect autonomously on the value of a classroom activity based on the Automata(s) you have built.

  • What are automata and how can they be used to promote STEM and interdisciplinary learning?
  • How can you combine play and learning to develop a play-based pedagogy?
  • Which learning processes and interactions can occur when children participate in an activity constructing a moving toy ? 
  • How can automata be used to promote engagement and motivation?
  • How can you incorporate automata in your classroom to promote STEM competences?

We suggest you to briefly report your experience and your reflections by answering this short QUIZ!


How well you managed to make the chosen automata (s) ?If you made more than 1 automata, please specify
What was/were the most difficult step/s?
What is the most important pedagogic value?
If you used it, how would you judge the explicative value of the instruction document?1 = very poor 
2 = poor 
3= sufficient 
4 = good
5 = very good
If you used it, how would you judge the explicative value of the video tutorial?1 = very poor  
2=  poor 
3= sufficient
4= good
5 = very good