3 Pedagogical background


In module 3, we present the pedagogical framework and pedagogical concepts used to develop activities proposed in the AutoSTEM course.

Some questions will be explored along the course:

  • What are automata and how can they be used to promote STEM and interdisciplinary?
  • How can you combine play and learning to develop a play-based pedagogy?
  • Which learning processes and interactions may occur when children participate in an activity involving a moving toy construction? 
  • How can automata be used to promote engagement and motivation?
  • How can you incorporate automata in your classroom to promote STEM competences?

These and other questions will be explored along the course. In this module, you will find information and resources aiming to characterise the pedagogical framework of AutoSTEM activities, workshops and projects that you can undertake with the children in your classroom.

Learning goals

In this module, you will understand pedagogical concepts and approaches to use automata to promote motivation and learning of STEM.


The Pedagogical framework module includes the following contents:

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