The Acrobat

Pedagogical guidelines and construction instructions

The Acrobat is a moving toy made from paper, wooden skewers, corks/plastic discs and split pins, that makes acrobatic movements when the linkages are complete and a rotation movement is made manually.

Learning goals

When constructing the Acrobat several learning goals can be achieved:

  • To learn about physics and mechanisms, in particular, linkages.
  • To develop engineering competences of analysis and construction.
  • To learn mathematical concepts within the construction and assembly process, including shapes and numbers.
  • To learn biology concepts about parts of the human body.
  • Other soft-learning goals can be included; problem solving and creativity.

How to use the Acrobat to teach STEM concepts and Step by Step guide here English

Acrobata – Download the Step by Step guide in Portuguese here

Acrobata- Istruzioni in Italiano

Veiledning til konstruksjon og didaktisk bruk av akrobaten kan lastes ned på norsk her

Акробат – Педагогически указания

Video tutorial