The Jelly Bird

Pedagogical guidelines and construction instructions, available below in Portuguese, English, Bulgarian, Norwegian and Italian.

This is an automata that is suitable for using with children between the ages of 3 to 8 years. The Jellybird is a fun and engaging way that children can be introduced to number of mathematical concepts and it can also bring children closer to learning about birds.

  • Areas of learning include:
    • Spatial imagination (shapes and placement)
    • Twice
    • Inside/outside
    • Round and pointed
    • Narrow and through
    • Either side, left-hand side and right-hand side
    • Up/down
    • Symmetry, and mirror symmetry
  1. Instructions – how to use the Jellybird to teach Math concepts and Step by step guide – click here
  2. Templates: .
    1. To be printed on paper (see image below to download)
    2. To be printed on card (approx. 220GSM)
      (see image below to download)
  3. Video tutorial (see above)
  4. Videos of children making the Jellybild (see below)

Print this template on paper
Click here to download the template.

Print this template on card (220 gsm)
Click here to download the template.

Jellybird pedagogical guide Bulgarian version

Bulgarian version

Jellybird pedagogical guide Italian version

Italian version

Jellybird pedagogical guide Portuguese version

Portuguese version

Jellybird pedagogical guide English version

Norwegian version

English version