The Moving shapes and Two Faces

Pedagogical guidelines and building instructions

The “Moving Shapes” is a toy made of cardboard, which uses a linkage mechanism and can transform into different geometric shapes. Depending on how it is built and how it is moved, the shape changes, allowing various narratives and connections with the sciences, in particular geometry.

Target group

The shapes we describe here are suitable for children 4 to 7 years of age. Teachers can adapt the ideas for other ages. Based on their knowledge of the children, the teacher can decide whether they should work in groups or individually.

Learning goals

  • Understanding of the physics and mechanisms, in particular linkages
  • Developing engineering skills of analysis and construction
  • Learn mathematical concepts in the construction and assembly process, including geometric shapes and numbers
  • Other learning objectives such as problem solving and creativity can be included


How to make and use the Moving Shapes and Two Faces – Download the step by step guide in English here

«Formen som endres» – Hvordan du lager og bruker den – Download the step by step guide in Norwegian here

Formas em movimento – Download the Step by step guide in Portuguese here

Движещи се фигури- инструкции за изграждане – Bulgarian

The video shows how to construct the Moving Shapes and Two Faces
Example of a moving shape