Welcome to Automata for STEM!

Automata are fascinating mechanical toys for children, small Kinetic Art sculptures. An Automata is a construct that includes engineering, cultural awareness and artistic expression. Automata are story telling mechanical objects. Automata have fascinated children over the ages and today there are museums just for automata.

AutoSTEM uses a multidisciplinary approaches which introduces STEM concepts and competences in different subject areas at the same time, including, measurement, transfer of power, mechanics, numbers, creativity and comprehension.

Children create their own automata either autonomously, or with the help of their teachers, depending on their age.

AutoSTEM produced teaching resources (guides and pedagogic) and templates so that teachers across Europe are able to use the project in their schools. You can see our resources on the Resources page.

Here are some automata and videos produced by the AutoSTEM project.

The Jelly Bird

The Talking Elephant

The Dancing Doll

The Balloon Car

The Amphicar

The Snapping Crocodile

The Acrobat

The Wind Turbine

The Colour Spinning Disk

The Two Faces

The Eco Car

The Drawbridge

You can also access the resources produced on the AutoSTEM Guidebook.

You can download the Guidebook English version here

You can download the Guidebook Italian version here

You can download the Guidebook Bulgarian version here

You can download the Guidebook Norwegian version here

You can download the Guidebook Portuguese version here

Here you can download the AutoSTEM Guidebook Extended version