Videos & Image Bank

AutoSTEM will be showing many videos and photos of the automata being created. For now we have some from the project team, enjoy!

Here you can see videos and photos with exploratory ideas about automata, an overview of tutorials developed in AutoSTEM project and additional videos about automata that are presented in Resources and Workshops.

AutoSTEM images in Flickr

Overview of tutorials developed in AutoSTEM project

The Jelly Bird

The Talking Elephant

The Dancing Doll

The Amphicar

The Balloon Car

The Wind Turbine

The Acrobat

The Drawbridge

Additional videos about automata presented in Resources and Workshops

Exploratory ideas about automata

From student teachers and teacher educators in Queen Maud University College

Test mechanisms

The always come back machine

 The wind turbine race

The stretching bunny

The crocodile

The draw bridge

The grabbing hand

In Sofia, Bulgaria children were asked to design and make their own automata, here are some of the results.