AutoSTEM Online Teachers’ Course

About  the Course

The AutoSTEM Online Teachers’ Course is designed as a modular course that teachers and educators working with preschool, kindergarten, and young primary age children can use to understand the project better and learn how to use the project’s resources autonomously.  

There is no mandatory way to run through the modules. You can access each module autonomously and independently. After you finished all modules, you can take the final AutoSTEM quiz to receive your participant certificate.

The modules are colour coded as below. Choose the module you want to learn about by clicking on the image. Below the image, you find a short description of the modules.

1 About the project

This module describes the basic idea of the project and the automata that are being used to introduce STEM subjects to your children. It also lists the automata with basic information, plus a tabular summary of the age range and subject areas, propulsion method and construction materials required, for each.

The module also includes descriptive videos and links to documents that will enhance your understanding of the project.

2 Your turn to make automata

This module will teach you how to make and use AutoSTEM automata in your classroom practice.

3 Pedagogical background

It is important to understand the pedagogy behind the use of AutoSTEM automata. This module will take you through the pedagogical background and structure that underpins the project. You will learn about play-based pedagogy, guided play and how learning occurs during the project.

4 STEM content

This module looks in detail at the areas of STEM that can be taught using automata.

5 AutoSTEM in your classroom

The module includes practical ideas on how you can implement the project in your classroom, based on piloting in multiple scenarios that project partners have completed. It looks at how it can be successfully used and pitfalls to look out for. The module provides templates for lesson planning and assessment.

X Final AutoSTEM quiz